Egg Baby” Parenting 我要养个“蛋宝宝” Easter is coming!

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    在美丽的四月,春姑娘不仅给我们带来了温暖,更带来了复活节!我们的齐发娱乐小学复活节欢乐周马上就要开始啦!预科年级、一年级至三年级的小朋友们注意啦:未来一周你们责任重大呦!因为马上你就要领养自己的“蛋宝宝”了!记住你将是它的爸爸、妈妈,一定要好好照顾好你的宝宝哦!祝你和你的“蛋宝宝”好运! "Egg Baby" Parenting, each student acts for a week as the "parent" of an egg. The purpose of this project is to allow students to experience some of the responsibilities that are involved in the care of human "babies." At the beginning of class each day there is an "egg check" worth 20 points. \ When is Easter 2017?
    Need to know the exact date of Easter Sunday this year? Here's a chart that shows what day Easter is celebrated from 2015-2025.
    What day is Easter?
    复活节每一年的日期都是不一样的哦,提前给大家看看每一年复活节是哪天哦~~ 大家对复活节是不是已经充满期待了呢,齐发娱乐小学等待着你们的参与哦,请期待小编后续对复活节各种活动的报道哦~~