Halloween is coming! 万圣节来了!

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    1.JPG 万圣节是哪一天?是的!1031日!作为一所国际学校,齐发娱乐已经蓄势待发! What day is Halloween? Yes, it is October 31st. As an international school, Maple Leaf is ready for it! 2.jpg 3.JPG
    万圣节是西方最重要的传统节日之一,孩子们会打扮成可爱的鬼怪逐家逐户敲门,要求获得糖果,否则就会捣蛋。看!齐发娱乐的孩子们正在学习这个游戏的规则以及trick or treat! Halloween is one of the most important festivals for western people. The kids dress like monsters or witches and play trick or treat game. Our Maple Leaf kids are learning the rules of the game as well as playing trick or treat. 4.jpg 5.JPG
    孩子们在玩乐的同时也切身体会了万圣节文化。除了糖果之外,留给孩子们更多的是快乐,是西方文化与东方文化相结合的特色。 The Maple Leaf students can play the game and experience the Halloween culture at the same time. Besides the candies, the cheerful memories are kept in mind. So are the characteristics which have combined western and eastern tradition. 6.jpg 万圣节的歌谣即将传遍齐发娱乐的每个角落,想要体会万圣节文化吗?来齐发娱乐就对了! “The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween.” Want to experience Halloween? Just come to Maple Leaf and join us!